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A Wild Time!

Hi Friends!

What a wild time for us, isn't it!?

Quite a time to open a skincare business that is focused on touch, when we are social distancing and avoiding touch throughout our communities! I am still hopeful and excited for when we come out of this strong and even more connected that we will need touch in our lives more than ever.

I am officially open for facial, waxing and lash lift/tint services Wednesday-Saturday. Times can be flexible throughout the day to meet needs, please just contact me and we'll make something happen.

I have wanted to open my own space with Eminence for quite some time and getting this opportunity is simply a dream. My desire is to make my space and my client as comfortable and welcome as possible-like getting a facial in your own home. Every facial and service is customized to your needs and what your skin needs right NOW. I love spending time with each of my guests to figure out what they really need and what is going to be best for them in their life, whether it's homecare or just an extra 30 minutes to talk about-or escape!-life :)

Before we moved to Redmond, my husband and I already desired a welcoming and loving community and that is exactly what Redmond is. We have felt so encouraged and welcomed by everyone we meet and I can't wait to continue to grow our family in this city.

While hours some days may be limited, please send an email, text, leave a voicemail and I would LOVE to deliver product to your door! Or local business, work, school-where ever you need! Being part of a community is helping and meeting others where they need to be met, and I would love your local skincare gal who does just that.

During this time of uncertainty, I want to send love, peace, prayers, and good vibes out to everyone. We will come out of this stronger and everything WILL be okay.

A reminder to take stop... take a breath... feel better :)

Love you all, see you soon


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